Willkommen in der Praxis Dr. Salis Gross

Praxis für hochwertige Zahnmedizin


Practice for High Quality Dentistry

Leugrueb 3

CH-8126 Zumikon

Tel: 044 918 00 03

Email: dr.salisgross@bluewin.ch

Own parking space

Appointments and emergency treatments

Regular treatment hours

Dr. Reto Salis Gross:

Mo - Fr: 8 - 12h & 13 - 17h

Dental Hygiene Care Dr. Sabine Salis Gross:

Di:   8 - 12h

Mi:  8 - 12h & 13 - 17h

Do:  8 - 12h

Fr:   8 - 12h

Please call us to arrange appointments:

Mo - Fr: 8 - 12h & 13 - 17h



Based on the patient's wishes and medical needs, we create an individual treatment plan and discuss it with the patient.

We also offer our full range of treatments in nursing homes and at home.

Urgent emergencies outside of the above-mentioned treatment times:

Please contact the Praxisgemeinschaft am Bellevue (Tel 044 262 11 11) or call me on my cell phone (Tel 079 542 04 27).

If you have to cancel an appointment outside of telephone hours, you can let us know by email (dr.salisgross@bluewin.ch). We will then contact you to arrange a new appointment. Please announce  at least 24 hours before the appointment, otherwise the session may have to be charged.